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It sucks; just like everyone, you have experienced the dread of having to be quarantined. You have had to stay at your home for longer than you want, you have been watching videos all day(which gets boring after a while), you haven’t been able to go to your favorite restaurant, and the worst, you haven’t been able to gather with your friends and family. While we have had to make many sacrifices, it is still advised to not congregate in groups that are larger than 10 people. Following government regulations and protocols and staying up to date with the CDC will help to ensure that neither you nor those that are dear to you can be affected by COVID-19.

There are many reasons why we should still not meet:

  1. Social distancing is not easy due to past habits
  • We all have our unique handshakes and ways of greeting our close friends. When we gather in groups, it is very hard to avoid shaking hands or sitting 6 feet apart as that is not what we are used to! In order to avoid touching at all, it is best to stay home and not interact with anyone until the government says it is safe to. Unfortunately, many people have in fact contracted the virus simply because they would handshake and forget to wash their hands out of habit.
    2. The virus can spread through almost any point of contact.
  • Most of us loved playing sports! Basketball, football, you name it. Now that we are in a pandemic, playing sports is unadvised for many reasons. If someone did contract the virus, they could spread it onto the ball, potentially allowing the virus to spread onto anyone who touches the ball. We also know that in sports, we fall and get hurt, touching the ground give the coronavirus a higher chance of getting onto our skin, potentially causing us to become carriers of the virus!


While these are just some reasons, they are significant enough to show that gathering in groups is not the best idea. However, if need be, ensure you do not do anything out of habit and that social distancing is always maintained!

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