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While we are in the comfort of our homes; while we are safe with our loved ones, others are fighting to help save lives and stop the spread of COVID-19. Who exactly are these “others” that we are referring to? Well, it could be anyone from those working at a hospital to even your local physician. Even though it is hard to accept, millions of people have been affected by the Coronavirus and almost 100,000+ people have passed away. According to a leading immunologist, these numbers would have been much greater if it had not been for our medical workers who work day and night to help those who have acquired the virus.

Now, if doctors and nurses are the most knowledgable about the best practices of safety and know the most about the virus, why are they the most vulnerable to the virus compared to us, who know very little about this virus? The answer is simple: they meet with so many patients, they have a higher chance of getting it. What exactly does this mean? Let us say you have to go to work during this pandemic, but thankfully, you have an employer who is following rules from the CDC, like Gastroenterology. You may only encounter with 4 to 5 people, maybe a few more if you work at an office. However, medical professionals, especially during this time, interact with around 10-20 patients per hour, who could possibly even be a carrier of the virus. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to your local doctor for important things, like Gastroenterology. Doctors, like those at Gastroenterology, are following all rules and regulations from the government are using the best practices from the CDC. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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