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Stomach Inflation or abdominal tightness is an everyday issue in individuals. It normally happens with the ones who do not keep track of what they are eating and how much they are eating. Those who suffer from stomach bloating in most cases may feel a sharp pain in their upper abdominal.

The pain of inflation is discomforting and unbearable. For most people, it is reoccurring because of the lack of motivation to take care of their diet and body. One should keep a record of what one eats and how much one walks.

Stomach Inflation Causes

Stomach Inflation may occur due to a variety of reasons such as gas buildup, excessive use of alcohol, intake of fatty foods, etc. Most of the people who suffer from stomach inflation experience bloating after eating excessively. Although it is a quite common problem yet it is necessary to relieve bloating so that you may not have any infection.

How to Relieve Stomach Inflation 

Although it takes hours to build up the factors that may lead to stomach inflation, it is curable within minutes of exercising, massaging, walking, and drinking water. Other methods that are worth trying for relaxing your abdominal tightness are as follows:

Warm Bath

It is advisable to take a warm bath when the first feeling of pain occurs in the upper abdominal. It relaxes the sore and tight abdomen. Additionally, it helps the body to function correctly.

Lemon Water 

Lemon water helps in the digestion of food. It breaks down the molecules of the food eaten faster. Thus, providing relief from the pain and swollen stomach.


Yoga helps not just to keep one’s body fit but also saves from the pain of the abdomen. A Child’s Pose or a Bridge Pose help with the pain the fastest.

Furthermore, to prevent the pain from reoccurring, one can reduce dairy products from his/her diet. Incorporation of potassium-rich foods like banana may also help for the same.

If the condition prevails and you do not get any relief contacting a doctor is advisable. Gastroenterology Diagnostic Centre can evaluate your situation and provide you the treatment that can soothe you from the uncomfortable pain. You can also call us on (281) 357 1977 for any further information.

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