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We may eat food and not even realize that it is affecting our health. At times due to intolerance to a particular food, we might also experience intestinal distress. This distress can lead to several disorders, and symptoms such as reflux, constipation, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. may be visible. However, it’s not hard to prevent any of these. To avoid these from happening, any individual should take care of the diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. A certain percentage of patients, despite taking care of their diet, do not feel relieved and experience prolonged Intestinal distress.

There can be some functional disorder too. By functional, it means that the tract may look normal but would be having problems.

Ways to relieve intestinal distress

Before you opt to go for a complete course of medication, it is good to ease the distress with a change in your diet and lifestyle. The following can help in improving the conditions:

1. Avoid having fried and fatty food items
2. Delete fizzy drinks from your diet
3. Chew your food properly
4. Refrain from chewing gum
5. Avoid food and sweeteners that cause gas
6. Exercise regularly
7. Taking a diet which is relatıvely higher in fiber
8. Eating only as much as your body can digest
9. Not using dairy products in excess.


The treatment of these disorders varies as per the severity of the case. However, the doctors suggest medicines for relieving the condition; however, if conditions do not improve, the doctor may recommend going for tests that may check blood and stool. This would help identify the cause so that suitable treatment can be provided.

The experts at Gastroenterology Diagnostic Center ensures to provide ease to you from all the distresses that might be making your life uncomfortable. If you observe any of the symptoms that might be causing trouble, visit us or call us on (281) 357 1977 for help.

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