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A healthy bowel movement is often ignored by many. But people become concerned when they face difficulty passing the stool. Some may even have constipation after diarrhea, and that may add to the concern. However, having occasional changes in the stool is normal. But if a person experiences both, it may need medical treatment. Prevention is better than cure; therefore, it is helpful to know the causes of changes in stool which should be addressed for staying healthy.

Stomach flu

This is an infection that may cause swelling in the stomach. Having loose stool is common as a result of it. The swelling makes it unable to absorb water, and therefore, the water passes through it unused. Furthermore, the infection would also cause food to push out of the intestines. However, the swelling may also hold the waste and not allow it to pass. Stomach flu may keep the stomach upset until a person takes proper treatment.


Pregnancy brings a lot of changes in the body. This may sometimes cause loose motion and may cause difficulty in passing the stool. A woman may also have one after the other and may not know the cause of it. During pregnancy, a woman may also develop an allergy to certain food items, which may cause constipation after diarrhea. It is better for a pregnant woman to go for a regular check-up and discuss her bowel movements with her doctor to avoid any problems.


Whether a person experiences loose stool or is having trouble passing the stool, it should not be ignored. A woman might feel embarrassed to discuss her bowel movement and the symptoms with the doctor, but it may be a sign of serious problems. Therefore, discuss your concerns with our experts at Gastroenterology Diagnostic Centre and we would suggest treatment as per your specific condition.

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