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Do you think your stomach is hard and swollen? Abdominal hardness can be a side effect of the food you eat or drink or the quantity in which you take these things. There can be some underlying conditions because of which your stomach feels swollen. Let’s explore the reasons behind abdominal hardness.

Why May I Have Abdominal Hardness?

There can be various reasons due to which the stomach becomes hard. However, as a general matter of fact, overeating or drinking too much-carbonated drinks are the main causes. There can be some serious reasons as well, like inflammatory bowel disease. Therefore, it is important to know what may cause the stomach to become hard.

Reasons for Abdominal Hardness

There can be several reasons for the stomach to become hard and stiff. The following are some of the reasons.


Eating too much is always dangerous, and the worst part is sitting and lying down right after eating. Having food too quickly can also cause problems and create a feeling of fullness. All these conditions can make the stomach hard but these go away with time when food starts digesting.

Fizzy drinks

We may not realize, but fizzy drinks cause a lot of problems for people’s health. The gas in the carbonated drinks can also make the stomach go hard. The uneasiness can settle once the gas expels


The hard stomach is often a sign of constipation. A problem in the bowel movement results in constipation, which then results in an uncomfortable feeling.


Stomach ulcers cause inflammation in the stomach, and the most common symptoms are bloating, pain and abdominal hardness

Food Intolerance may cause abdominal hardness

Along with other reasons, food intolerance is also another reason for having a hard stomach. If you feel you are unable to digest, certain food items such as dairy products consuming such products can also cause stiffness in the stomach.

If you or any of your loved ones have a hard stomach, it is a matter to be worried about. Take them to a specialized doctor right away so that treatment starts as early as possible. Gastroenterology Diagnostic Center is one of the best places where you can take your loved ones. Call us on 281-357-1977 to get all the necessary details.

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