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The number of cancer patients is increasing, and many die each year. However, it is an alarming situation. People can survive if cancer is diagnosed and treated in its initial phases. Colon cancer is one of the most common types that is a leading cause of death worldwide. The good news is that it is easier to treat than other types of cancer. To detect it, the individual has to undergo a screening test if he notices any symptoms. The doctor does a colonoscopy during which he checks cancer. Though, many are not clear as to when should I get a colonoscopy; responses may vary. So, if you feel anything wrong with your health, it is better to visit healthcare.


When should I get a colonoscopy?


Taking care of health is one’s responsibility; hence it is better to get the colon cancer screening done at the age of 45 or earlier. At this age, there is a possibility that signs might appear if there is any risk. Colonoscopy is one of the ideal screening methods for cancer, which should repeat every ten years. Testing continues until the age of seventy-five, after which it is the choice of the individual and his medical needs. Finally, after reaching eighty-five, there is no need for it. During the colonoscopy, a flexible tube with a video camera is inserted into the colon to take videos of the inside. Hence, it detects any abnormality present, either cancer or polyps.


Warning signs


The human body has its defense system; it starts giving signs if any part is not functioning well. Cancer is a severe condition and needs immediate attention; therefore, if your body starts showing these warnings visit the healthcare right away. Frequent stomach pains, bloating, and chronic fatigue that do not go away with rest show something is wrong. Other signs are diarrhea, bleeding in stool, constipation, cramps, and weight loss. The individual might feel uncomfortable and lazy at all times. If you have any such symptoms schedule your appointment and visit the doctor. In case of need, he might perform a colonoscopy to determine the reason for these health problems.


Preparations for colonoscopy


Going for a colonoscopy is just like going for a routine checkup; however, preparations are necessary. A few days before the colonoscopy, the individual has to make a few changes in his diet. Avoid heavy food. Do not eat high fiber food; this means skipping whole grain, beans, raw fruits, veggies, etc. The individual will only have a liquid diet a day before, including soups, juices, tea, coffee, or similar items. He has to drink a bowel cleaning liquid that will clean the inside for checkup. Besides all these preparations, two to three hours before the colonoscopy, the individual cannot eat or drink anything. He is ready for the screening to start now. Contact Gastroenterologist Diagnostic Center if you are still not clear on “When should I get a colonoscopy”? Talk to our team; call us at 281-357-1977 .

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