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Your abdomen may pain due to several reasons; that is why sometimes it becomes difficult to diagnose the actual cause. The pain may either be acute (pain that resolves on its own within hours or days) or chronic (that comes and goes and lasts for months). Your body would show certain signs that would help the doctor to identify the pain as acute or chronic. It is essential that the doctors evaluate your symptoms and the extent of pain for effective treatment. Let’s compare acute vs. chronic abdominal pain so you may contact the doctor accordingly.

Diagnosis of acute vs. chronic pain

Our experts ask a number of questions for identification of the type of pain you experience. The questions would relate to how severe your pain is, the timings of pain, and the location of the pain. You would also need to undergo some diagnostic tests that would identify the exact cause of pain. Our doctors will also examine you physically, so there is no chance of incorrect diagnosis.

Acute abdominal pain

Usually, acute pain in your abdomen will be due to gas or bloating. It can also occur when your muscles get pulled. The followings symptoms will be visible in case of acute pain:

  1. Tender abdomen
  2. Severe pain that makes moving difficult
  3. Fever with pain
  4. Yellow eyes or skin
  5. Vomiting or nausea due to pain
  6. Shivering
  7. Diarrhea accompanying blood

Any of these symptoms can turn into a serious medical concern. Therefore, as soon as you experience these, contact a doctor right away.

Chronic Abdominal Pain

This kind of pain persists and does not go away within days. This pain can be due to gastrointestinal disorder or even due to cancer. If you are suffering from pain for a number of weeks, then do not ignore the signs. Rather contact a doctor who would recommend some valid treatment and would also provide medicine to manage pain.

No matter if you are suffering from even minor pain, do not wait for the pain to become intense—contact Gastroenterology Diagnostic Center. Our experts will evaluate your condition and provide you with the exact treatment. You can also call us on 281-357-1977 to book your appointment or for taking the necessary details.

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