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Gastroenterology Diagnostic Center

Gastroenterology Diagnostic Center is located at 421 School Street, Tomball Texas 77375. We are committed to high quality and cost-effective standards of care for our patients in a very friendly environment. Committed to the same goal and for the convenience of our patients, we have recently added a state-of-the-art office endoscopy suite to our current facility. Our facility is located approximately a couple of blocks east of Tomball Regional Hospital.

Mission Statement

We believe that providing comprehensive patient care includes not only delivering the highest quality medical service possible but also developing close personal doctor-patient relationships that foster long-term patient well-being. We are committed to fully understanding, diagnosing, and treating our patient’s gastrointestinal conditions and problems. Our goal is to respect every person as both a patient and an individual, and we are committed to offering personal, compassionate, and cost-effective clinical care to our community.
Mission Statement
We have been providing gastroenterology services to North Houston, Tomball, and the surrounding areas for over two decades.
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