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Losing weight can be a desire for many, specifically the ones who consider themselves to be overweight or obese. Such people make a lot of effort by following a strict diet plan and making harsh exercises a part of their daily routine. But there may be some who would lose weight without any intentional effort. As a human’s abdomen is a house for many organs, there can be several reasons for this sudden change, but stomach pain and weight loss can be closely related to each other.

Gastritis weight loss

Stomach pain varies in intensity and may range from a sharp, throbbing ache to minor cramps. One of these can be gastritis. Because of gastritis, a person may experience stomach pain, burning sensation, and can even have vomiting. In many cases, a person can also experience loss of appetite, digestive problems, and may even suffer from weight loss due to stomach pain.

Causes of stomach pain and weight loss

Several other reasons that associate with stomach pain and an unintentional weight loss can be following:

Stomach Ulcer
Ovarian cancer
Bladder cancer
Liver cancer

When to consult a doctor

Stomach pain can be a valid reason to visit a doctor. However, it is good to consult the doctor immediately if you experience the following:

High-grade fever
Loss of appetite for more than three to five days
Stomach pain for more than a week
An intense stomach pain


In the presence of the above symptoms, a doctor should be consulted who will diagnose the condition and will treat the signs accordingly. The treatment varies from case to case. However, in the meantime, when the tests are performed, the doctor may prescribe medicines to reduce the pain. If the symptoms prevail, visit Gastroenterology Diagnostic Center and get the desired treatment. You can also call on (281) 357 1977 for more information.

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