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Any remedy is welcomed when you are in a frustrating state of constipation. Prune juice is among the most-talked items in terms of constipation and the benefits it offers. However, it sounds too good to be true, and many people wonder: Does prune juice help with constipation? Read this blog to learn.

How Prune Juice Helps With Constipation

Believe it or not, the tangy purple prune juice might be pretty effective in flushing people out. And as miraculous as it sounds, there is a perfectly logical reason to explain the benefit of prune juice.

Prune juice is packed with sorbitol, which is a carbohydrate and sugar alcohol that many fruits contain. Plums are among the fruits that have sorbitol, especially those that are dried out and turned into prunes.

When you consume sorbitol, it helps you against constipation. It draws water into your colon, and the moisture provides a laxative effect. When this happens, the hard and lumpy stool that you couldn’t pass turns soft, helping you with bowel movements. That is not all! Since prune juice is also high in fiber. It regulates bowel movements much better. This way, poop moves through your intestines more quickly.

So, prune juice proves to be effective in improving stool frequency as well as consistency. When you are suffering from constipation, give prune juice a try!

Does Eating Prunes Have the Same Effects?

You do not necessarily have to drink prune juice for constipation; eating them works wonders as well! It can be pretty helpful for relieving mild to moderate cases of constipation. When you eat prune, here are some benefits you can expect:

  1. You can receive two times more sorbitol in the same serving size when you eat dry prunes instead of drinking the juice.
  2. When you juice the prune, some amount of fiber is lost. Therefore, eating prune can prove to be more effective, thanks to the high fiber content.

In short, eating prune juice can be quite beneficial for those suffering from constipation!

How Much Prune Juice to Drink

While prune juice is helpful for constipation, everything is good in a limited amount. It has a high sugar and calorie count, so drinking prune juice in a moderate amount is better.

For adults, it is better to begin with a four-ounce serving, especially if you are drinking it for the first time. You can consider trying another half-cup serving before bedtime if you can tolerate it. As for children, it is better to consume half the amount recommended for an adult.

If you consume too much prune juice, it can have consequences such as diarrhea, bloating, gas, and more. Make sure to adjust the quantity according to what you can tolerate!

Final Word

Are you dealing with mild to moderate constipation? Drinking prune juice might be helpful. It softens the poop, creating a laxative effect, and helps you with bowel movement. Talk to your GI specialist and get started!

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