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Apple cider vinegar and hemorrhoids have been together for years. Those who suffer from constipation will understand this better as they tend to use it for curing their problems.

The pressure that a person puts on the lower rectum during a bowel movement results in swollen veins in the anus. This condition is known as Hemorrhoids which can be either internal or external. The internal problem brings out the mucus through the anus which causes itching. A person may also feel difficulty passing stool. Along with other treatments, a simple cure that people go for is using apple cider vinegar.

Does it really help?

People may think that apple cider vinegar is a popular element for treating skin conditions. Some may also assume that its antibacterial properties shrink tissues and reduce swelling. As a result, it also helps in curing hemorrhoids. However, applying it directly to the skin may cause the skin to burn, therefore, doctors do not suggest it. Some also think that using apple cider vinegar make hemorrhoids worse.

Furthermore, there is no scientific proof that apple cider vinegar cures swelling. So, before you start to use it, consult a doctor who would check your condition and provide you a permanent cure. If you think apple cider vinegar is a good solution and your hemorrhoids can be treated without medical treatment, then you need to think again.

Medical treatment with our center

Visiting Gastroenterology Diagnostic Center is one of the wise decisions for permanent treatment. The doctors after doing a checkup prescribe treatment that will provide a lasting result rather than a temporary one. Over the counter, creams may provide relief but do not reach the root cause of the problem. GDC offers CRH O’Regan System that is a painless and effective way to treat hemorrhoids. So for real care contact us on (281) 357 1977 and get a quick cure.

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