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People suffering from diarrhea often experience a lot of stomach pain and discomfort. Here we will discuss a guide on how to stop diarrhea, the different treatments and medicines that can help you, and certain home remedies that will be most useful to you. 

First, let us discuss a few home remedies that are easily accessible and can cause a massive reduction in the discomfort caused by diarrhea:


  • Drinking a large number of liquids, such as water and juices, can clean your digestive tract and help you get rid of diarrhea much faster. However, we recommend that you do not drink carbonated drinks, caffeine, or alcohol, since they may cause further discomfort and pain. 
  • Halt the consumption of dairy products, fatty foods, and high-fiber foods until you fully recover. 
  • Eat high amounts of rice, chicken, eggs, and other low-fiber foods.
  • Over-the-counter anti-diarrheal medications can help reduce the discomfort and fasten the recovery process. Such anti-diarrheal medications are available at most pharmacies. 
  • Ask your doctor if you should take probiotics. 


Now that we have discussed the home remedies that can help you get rid of diarrhea let us discuss other treatment methods that your doctor may recommend. While suffering from diarrhea, your body will lose a lot of water. To replenish the body, the fluids must be replaced. Your doctor may ask that your drink water with electrolytes, and if necessary, the doctor may recommend getting IV fluids. 

Drinking water alone cannot replenish your body because it does not contain the salts and electrolytes that are essential to your body and health. Instead of drinking water, try consuming small amounts of juices and soups regularly. Certain oral rehydration solutions can give your body a boost of potassium and sodium. However, before consuming any oral rehydration solutions, consult your doctor. 

Diarrhea is often caused as a side effect of consuming a strong dose of antibiotic medicine. While visiting your doctor, inform them if you have recently taken any antibiotics. If necessary, the doctor may reduce the dosage or switch the medication. However, do not stop taking the medicine until you consult your doctor.

Now, let us discuss the different tests that the doctor may conduct while evaluating the severity of diarrhea:


  • Your doctor will need to take a stool test to check if any bacterium is the cause of diarrhea.
  • While it is uncommon, the doctor may ask that you have an upper endoscopy done. The doctor will insert a long, thin tube through your mouth during the test. A camera will examine your upper intestine and stomach at the opposite end of the tube. 
  • A blood test will help the doctor learn how many electrolytes are currently in your blood, and hence the doctor will know how severe the diarrhea is and the type of treatment necessary. 


To conclude, the first rule on how to stop diarrhea is to consume large amounts of fluids. Gastroenterology Diagnostic Center is here to assist you if you are currently suffering from diarrhea. Our team of specialists has the right expertise to treat diarrhea. You can call us at 281-357-1977 to book your appointment.

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