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Are you currently suffering, or have you ever suffered from hemorrhoids? This condition occurs in the blood vessels and muscle tissues around and inside your rectum. The most common cause of this condition is constipation. When most people feel constipated, they try to push out their stool by force. This extra force drives blood to rush to your rectum, and as a result, it causes your blood vessels in and around your rectum to swell. Over time the swelling becomes permanent and creates hemorrhoids. It is unclear how long do hemorrhoids last, but your doctor can cure them with proper treatment.

In severe cases, hemorrhoids can be painful while sitting, but they always itch and are inconvenient. The hair around your rectum and sweat only increase the problem. Hemorrhoids may seem like just a bother, but over time, they can become a major health hazard. They cause pain while sitting, cause itching, and cause severe hindrance in passing stool. They can grow, and if you don’t get them treated, they will eventually turn into anal cancers. Make sure you get a proper diagnosis from an expert proctologist and start your hemorrhoid treatment. Hemorrhoids are a stand-alone problem, but they lead to much bigger problems if you ignore them for a long time.

How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last?

The duration of your hemorrhoid problem depends upon the severity of your case. There are records of hemorrhoids lasting from a few days to several weeks, even during treatments. The ASCRS classifies the treatment and complications of hemorrhoids into 4 grades as follows:

  • Grade 1: Those that do not protrude out of the anal canal and stay inside.
  • Grade 2: Those that protrude out of the anal canal but get back inside on their own.
  • Grade 3: Those that protrude out, and the doctor must manually push them inside.
  • Grade 4: Those that form outside the anal canal and the doctor can not push them inside.

All 4 grades take up different periods to heal up by treatment. Grades 3 and 4 have the most complications and take the most time to heal. As they protrude out, they are more vulnerable and painful. These 2 grades get blood clots. The clots resorb in a few days, but now the skin of these hemorrhoids can ulcerate, causing pain and anal discomfort. This condition is known as thrombosed and can extend the recovery time by 9 to 10 days.

How Long Do Internal Hemorrhoids Last?

Internal hemorrhoids are generally non-serious ones. They can heal on their own within a week without any treatment, but if they last for a long time or are recurring, then do get yourself checked out. Pushing too hard during constipation can be the cause of this annoying condition.

How Long Do External Hemorrhoids Last?

External or Thrombosed hemorrhoids are generally the more serious ones. As they either protrude from the anal canal or form outside of the anal canal, they are not under the protection of the soft tissue of your anal canal. This makes them more vulnerable to damage and bacterial infections. Scratch damage and bacterial infections are the reason these hemorrhoids hurt and itch. They will generally take around 2-3 weeks to heal. But luckily, external hemorrhoids are easier to detect.


Whether your hemorrhoids are internal or external, how long hemorrhoids last for you depends on how you respond to them. If you get a proper diagnosis and treatment, then hemorrhoids can easily be dealt with. But if you act carelessly, they can develop into a major problem. So, for proper screening, diagnosis, and treatment of any gastrointestinal issues, please contact Gastroenterology Diagnostic Center at (281) 357 1977.

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