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A small boy, with his parents, came rushing into the clinic complaining of rectal bleeding. While in the toilet, he felt constipation and pain and found drops of blood. They were worried, and the doctor started his examination and treatments. Could it be hemorrhoid in children, do the symptoms point towards it. Consequently, positive results came, and immediate treatment began. Therefore, hemorrhoids in children do occur, it is not too familiar, but cases do appear.

Few reasons for hemorrhoids in children

The veins which are swollen or inflamed in the anus and lower rectum are called hemorrhoids. If an individual gets the problem of hemorrhoids, it can cause pain, swelling, and inflammations in the smaller parts. In the case of children, hemorrhoids develop due to different reasons. It can be the use of hard surfaces like the wooden bench to sit on for a long time or spending long hours in the toilet. Paying attention to these might save your child from hemorrhoids.

What can be possible symptoms?

It is better to talk to the doctor if you or your child has prolonged symptoms of diarrhea, constipation, infections, or bleeding in lower areas. It is also alarming if such signs show repeatedly. Bleeding can be a cause of many serious illnesses. It is better to visit the doctor for the right diagnosis. In children, usually, their rectum starts bleeding, the blood vessels around the anal rupture throwing out bright red blood. It is an emergency that only a doctor can handle.

If you think there are hemorrhoids in children, and they start showing signs without wasting time, visit us. We welcome you to Gastroenterology Diagnostic Center so that experts can diagnose the condition and provide the best possible treatment. You can also call on 281-357-1977 to know your situation.

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