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A feeding tube is self-explanatory. Placement of one is called Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) procedure and consists of a tube being placed through a small cut in the abdomen to get food and drink directly to your stomach.

There are a variety of reasons why someone may need to have a feeding tube placed. If you have trouble swallowing or having a tough time eating or drinking through your mouth, a feeding tube may be for you. It’s also common treatment for patients who are living with an illness, such as cancer, head injuries, Parkinson’s Disease and other neurological conditions, such as dementia or brain tumors.

What to Watch For

As with any surgery, there are factors that must be considered to maintain the functionality of the procedure. Getting a feeding tube may be mandatory and so is the care.

  1. Wound Inspection-make sure there is no bleeding, oozing or discharge by the very next day.
  2. Signs of Infection-Not only physical signs on or around the wound, but also watch for fever or abdominal pain.
  3. Dislodgement-If the feeding tube is moved from its original position or accidentally removed there is a higher chance of complications.
  4. Clogged Feeding Tube-it requires regular flushes (every 8 hours) and after feeding or after medication doses.
  5. Buried Bumper Syndrome (BBS)-while uncommon it is important to remedy right away. It’s when the internal bumper for the feeding tube erodes into the gastric wall and lodges itself between the gastric wall and skin. Therefore the tube should not be too snug.

Rest Easy with the Pros

Put your worries to rest and trust the professionals at the Gastroenterology Diagnostic Center, located on School Street in Tomball, Texas. We have experience and our expertise will ensure your feeding tube is properly placed and maintained. We will watch closely for signs of complications so there is less worry on you. We take pride in making your visit as comfortable and stress free as possible. Call us at 281-357-1977 or click here to make an appointment online.

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