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5 Effective Ways to Eliminate Bad Breath From Stomach

Have you ever had a case of bad breath that won’t go away, no matter how much you brush your teeth? Well, contradictory to what many people believe, bad breath doesn't always originate in the mouth. Yes, you read that right! The source of halitosis (another name for...

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How Long Do I Have to Experience a Heartburn?

Do you feel a burning sensation in your chest after eating spicy or acidic foods? While many factors can be responsible for heartburn, the sensation is uncomfortable in every situation. If your heartburn is consistent and lasts a few times a week or more, you may be...

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Anemia & Headache: How Are They Related?

When our bloodstream has lower than necessary red blood cells circulating, it causes a condition known as anemia. Since red blood cells carry oxygen from the lungs to other organs, your brain might receive less than necessary oxygen — which could result in a headache....

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I Have Crohn’s Disease — Will I Die?

Crohn’s Disease, by definition, is a type of inflammatory bowel disease or IBS that develops in the small intestines and the colon.  This condition itself is not deadly or fatal, but the resulting complications might be. So, can you die from Crohn’s disease? Let's...

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Thin Stool & Gas — Why Does it Happen?

Are you experiencing thin stool and gas? It is surely not a pleasant experience to have bowel issues, but you should stay alert if you are having these issues. While an unusual or thin bowel is not that big a deal, it does need medical attention in some cases. So,...

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Bleeding Hemorrhoids: Why it Happens & What to Do

Enlarged veins in the rectum due to increased pressure from straining during bowel movements, sitting on the toilet for long, or any other reason are known as hemorrhoids. Also known as piles, they cause no symptoms for some people. However, some might experience...

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How Long Will A Hernia Surgery Take?

When a small area of your intestine protrudes or pushes through the weakened area of the abdominal wall, it means you're experiencing a hernia. Although it is not always painful, a hernia results in discomfort that becomes worse over time. Your doctor will have a...

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