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Burning Sensation in Stomach? 5 Reasons This Happens

Is there a burning sensation in your stomach? It could be an indication of an underlying medical issue, like indigestion, stomach ulcer, gastritis, and more. Many individuals describe it as a ‘gnawing pain’ in their bellies. If you’re experiencing burning pain in your...

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5 Reasons You Might Be Nauseous After Working Out

Working out can be easy if you have the motivation; you just need to start. However, some people start feeling sick after working out. Since exercise could affect the gastrointestinal tract, you might experience nausea after working out. For some people, diet changes...

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Why Do I Get Diarrhea On My Period?

Every month, it arrives — the period that every woman dislikes. When you start menstruating, you know there are many physical, emotional, and mental factors you'll have to endure. From cramps to mood swings to nausea — putting up with it for days can put one on edge....

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Bloated After Working Out — What Could It Be?

Let’s face it; it isn’t the easiest to convince yourself to do a workout. So when you realize you’re bloated after working out — it seems like it is the universe giving you a sign. Aren’t we supposed to feel healthy and lose a few kgs after exercise, maybe not on the...

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6 Effective Methods to Stop Dry Heaving

Have you ever felt like throwing up, but nothing comes out? Known as dry heaving or retching, this is your body’s attempt to vomit as your diaphragm and abdominal walls contract. This causes your airways to close off, and your lungs expand as your body prepares to get...

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Why Do I Have Nausea During Period?

Periods are not exactly a girl’s best friend. From cramps that have you bending over to mood swings, they can bring quite a lot of discomfort. As if the constant bleeding isn’t enough! Just when you think this could not be any worse, you might feel nausea slowly...

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