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7 Best Ways To Reduce Bloating

Enjoying your favorite foods or drinks is always a delight, but not if it comes with the aftermath of a bloated stomach. Bloating refers to the feeling of fullness in your stomach, especially after a meal. While it is generally harmless, it may become an issue if it...

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Why a Colonoscopy Could be Your Lifesaver?

Every single day, we go to great lengths to safeguard our health - brushing our teeth, chomping down those veggies, and hitting the gym. But nestled within our daily routine lies a vital task that often slips under the radar, a task that holds the key to saving lives...

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Colon Cancer – What You Need To Know

Are you experiencing changes in your bowel habits like constipation and diarrhea? Do you have unexplainable weight loss, blood in stool and abdominal pain? If you have done everything to reduce your symptoms and nothing is working, then you might need to contact a...

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How To Keep Your Liver In Top Shape?

The liver, a remarkable organ with a multitude of functions, plays a vital role in maintaining our overall well-being. From detoxifying the blood to metabolizing nutrients, the liver is a powerhouse that requires proper care to function optimally. In this...

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Learn How Long IBS Flare-Ups Last

It can be pretty challenging to keep up with IBS symptoms, and you need medical help to navigate the condition. Short for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, IBS can result in multiple symptoms, such as bloating, constipation, diarrhea, etc. Though the causes of IBS are...

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7 Reasons Why You Throw Up Blood

It can be a nerve-wracking situation to realize that you are throwing up blood. It is often an indication that the organs in your digestive tract are malfunctioning or have some sort of abnormality. Medically known as hematemesis, vomiting blood is not something you...

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All You Need to Know About Liver Cysts

When fluid-filled sacs appear on your liver, they are called river cysts. Generally, all liver cysts are harmless and do not grow large enough to cause any discomfort. However, there are cases when the cysts can turn harmful. You should visit a healthcare provider to...

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6 Possible Causes of Anemia in Elderly Females

It is not uncommon for elderly females to deal with health conditions such as anemia. Anemia takes place when the red blood cells, or RBC, count is lower than what is considered normal. While it is a common condition, anemia can be pretty dangerous if left untreated....

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