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While many people associate chest pain with heart attacks, there are a variety of health issues that can cause this problem. For many people, chest pain is the result of a GI issue. In this article, we will explain how your digestive system can cause chest pain. If you are dealing with this issue, keep an eye on your symptoms and notify your gastroenterologist.

Common Causes for Chest Pain

Chest pain can have many causes as a variety of organs are located in or near this part of the body. Chest pains can be caused by heart, lung, or GI issues. However, chest pains can also be caused by muscular or skeletal issues or psychological problems like anxiety attacks. If you are dealing with chest pain, it’s important to monitor your symptoms closely so your doctor can make an accurate diagnosis.

How GI Chest Pain is Different

GI issues like GERD, pancreatitis, and peptic ulcers can all cause chest pain. GI-related chest pain often presents as a burning or squeezing type of pain that may become more severe after eating or lying down. Sometimes, this pain can radiate to the arms or back.

When to See a Doctor

Any type of chest pain is a reason to seek medical help. If you suspect your chest pain is being caused by a GI issue, the experts at the Gastroenterology Diagnostic Center can help. Call 281-357-1977 to make an appointment with one of our specialists today.

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