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3 Possible Reasons Why You’re Feeling Full After Eating a Small Amount

Nov 15, 2022

Have you been feeling full after eating just a small amount of food recently? Sometimes, even eating your favorite meal can take a lot of effort. You may feel nausea after eating even if you try consuming a normal-sized amount. If you’ve been feeling full after eating little, there are multiple reasons why this may […]

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Do You Know If Hemorrhoids Itch? Here Is All You Need to Know

Oct 30, 2022

When the hemorrhoidal cushions of the anal canal swell, it is known as hemorrhoids. Also known as piles, you can classify them as internal or external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoid appears above the dentate line inside the anus, whereas external hemorrhoid occurs below it. These swollen veins in the lower part of one’s rectum might cause […]

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6 Effective Methods to Stop Dry Heaving

Oct 15, 2022

Have you ever felt like throwing up, but nothing comes out? Known as dry heaving or retching, this is your body’s attempt to vomit as your diaphragm and abdominal walls contract. This causes your airways to close off, and your lungs expand as your body prepares to get rid of the stomach content through your […]

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How Long Does Colonoscopy Take and What Is The Average Time?

Sep 30, 2022

Colonoscopies are the only cancer screening tests that also prevent cancer at the same time. Getting a colonoscopy will cost around 24 hours of your life. The start to finish and recovery will be done in 24 hours, but the health benefits can last up to 10 years. Only this process can diagnose and prevent […]

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Why Do I Have Nausea During Period?

Sep 30, 2022

Periods are not exactly a girl’s best friend. From cramps that have you bending over to mood swings, they can bring quite a lot of discomfort. As if the constant bleeding isn’t enough! Just when you think this could not be any worse, you might feel nausea slowly creeping in. Nausea during your period occurs […]

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Can Gas Be the Cause of Your Back Pain?

Sep 15, 2022

Bloating and gas are common experiences for many. Our body typically gets rid of the gas by burping or flatulence. But, sometimes, this gas fills the gastrointestinal tract and gets trapped, showing symptoms like stabbing pain, cramps, distention, and more. Although it is a normal part of our digestion to produce gas, it can be […]

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If You’re Throwing Up Foam, these 7 Reasons Might Be the Culprit

Sep 15, 2022

Your body does not accept any foreign or harmful substance you might have indigested. Vomiting occurs when your body tries to get rid of said substances. But these are not the sole reasons you might puke, as stomach bugs or other factors can cause this. But what if you’re throwing up foam? We’ll list some […]

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6 Ways to Clean Your Stomach & Intestines Naturally

Aug 30, 2022

Digestive health problems can have you rolling over in pain and cause discomfort. This is why it is essential to have a clean stomach because a happy tummy means a happy you. So why not start the cleanse at home? Carry on reading this blog to learn how to clean your stomach and intestines naturally. […]

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How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last With Proper Treatment?

Aug 15, 2022

Are you currently suffering, or have you ever suffered from hemorrhoids? This condition occurs in the blood vessels and muscle tissues around and inside your rectum. The most common cause of this condition is constipation. When most people feel constipated, they try to push out their stool by force. This extra force drives blood to […]

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Why do I Cough After I Eat? Can I Stop It?

Jul 30, 2022

Everyone loves sinking their teeth in delicious meals, but sometimes the bliss is short-lived. Coughing after eating is a problem many of us face. This cough might sometimes occur or after every meal. Usually, coughing indicates an underlying medical condition. So, what makes you cough after you eat? We have mentioned five culprits in this […]

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