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The Comparison of Acute vs. Chronic Abdominal Pain

Your abdomen may pain due to several reasons; that is why sometimes it becomes difficult to diagnose the actual cause. T...

30th April, 2020

What can be the Reason for Abdominal Hardness?

Do you think your stomach is hard and swollen? Abdominal hardness can be a side effect of the food you eat or drink or t...

15th April, 2020

The Best Bloat Cure

Bloating is one of the common problems in both men and women. However, many people consider bloating and water retention...

30th March, 2020

What May Cause Gastritis in Children?

The apple of your eyes, while being in a growing age, can face many problems. One of such problems is gastritis. It is t...

15th March, 2020

What May Cause Recurrent Abdominal Pain?

Pain in any part of the body can cause discomfort. However, if the pain is in the abdominal part of your body, it may ma...

29th February, 2020

Do You Usually Have Bloated Stomach in the Morning?

  Having a bloated stomach early in the morning is quite common for many people. Bloating is absolutely normal t...

15th February, 2020

Symptoms and Causes of Anal Twitching

The anal twitching is also known as proctalgia fugax. It isn't very easy to identify the actual cause of it. The pain in...

30th January, 2020

Is apple cider vinegar a cure for hemorrhoids? What do specialists say?

Apple cider vinegar and hemorrhoids have been together for years. Those who suffer from constipation will understand thi...

15th January, 2020

Stomach Pain and Weight Loss: The Causes and Treatment

Losing weight can be a desire for many, specifically the ones who consider themselves to be overweight or obese. Such pe...

30th December, 2019

What May Cause An Intestinal Distress

We may eat food and not even realize that it is affecting our health. At times due to intolerance to a particular food, ...

15th December, 2019
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