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Constipation After Surgery | Here’s How To Treat This Common Problem

Dec 30, 2021

Surgery is a stressful experience for the body and can come with unexpected side effects during the recovery process. A common experience for many surgical patients is constipation after surgery. This article will discuss what causes constipation after surgery, the symptoms, and the treatment options that can help you feel better. Constipation After Surgery: Why […]

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Undigested Food In Stool | Should You Be Worried? Causes & Explanation

Dec 15, 2021

The body’s digestive system is a marvel of complicated chemical and physical reactions that provide you with the energy to go about your day. But sometimes, you might notice that you have undigested food in your stool, which can be worrying to see. Is your body not processing your diet correctly? Or is there something […]

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Blood In My Stool | Causes Explained and When To See A Doctor

Nov 30, 2021

Discovering blood after a bowel movement is a worrying experience, especially if it’s accompanied by pain or difficulty evacuating. Rectal bleeding of any kind is abnormal and is a sign that something is wrong. This article will explore some of the causes of rectal bleeding. We’ll let you know when blood in your stool is […]

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Is Yogurt Good For Diarrhea? The Evidence Says So

Nov 15, 2021

Having diarrhea is something everyone has been through at least a couple of times a year, and it can be an unpleasant experience, to say the least. You may have heard of anecdotal cures for diarrhea, and one of them is to consume yogurt. But is this true, and is yogurt good for diarrhea? In […]

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5 Types of Hernia | Do I Have A Hernia? Here’s How To Tell

Oct 30, 2021

A hernia can be a painful condition that doesn’t go away on its own. In some cases, surgical intervention is necessary to prevent them from becoming dangerous and causing complications. But what is a hernia, and what are the different types of hernia? This article will give you an overview of what a hernia is […]

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Can Gas Cause Chest Pain? How To Tell Between Gas Pain or Heart Attack

Oct 15, 2021

You’ve often heard that chest pain is not a good sign, often signaling heart problems or even a heart attack. And while this is true, it’s also possible for chest pain to occur for other reasons. This post will explore the differences between chest pain associated with heart conditions and conditions like gas causing pain […]

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Throwing Up Yellow Bile – What Does It Mean?

Sep 30, 2021

The feeling of nausea can be terrible, but the onset of vomiting is even worse. As a natural defense against poisons and harmful substances, however, it’s no wonder that a person feels better after vomiting. But if you’re throwing up yellow, what does it mean? This post will talk about some of the reasons your […]

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Sulfur Burps and Diarrhea | What Do These Symptoms Mean?

Sep 15, 2021

It’s natural to be concerned if you’ve suddenly come down with a case of bad diarrhea. However, you might also have noticed the strange presence of eggy, sulfurous burps. So what’s going on? In this post, we’ll address what symptoms of sulfur burps and diarrhea can signify and what it means for your health. Next, […]

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Ulcerative Colitis vs Crohn’s Disease | How Are They Different?

Aug 30, 2021

Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) can be very difficult for the affected. However, there may not be much common knowledge surrounding bowel disorders, as they can be embarrassing for people to talk about. However, having the right knowledge is important to manage the conditions appropriately and have a good quality of life. This post will look […]

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Cologuard vs Colonoscopy – Choosing What’s Right For You

Aug 15, 2021

Colorectal cancer is one of the most common cancers diagnosed every year in the United States in both men and women. Fortunately, however, screening procedures are available that can detect cancer’s presence before the affected individual shows any signs. Two of these screening procedures are the colonoscopy and the cologuard. And if you’re curious about […]

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