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Having a bloated stomach early in the morning is quite common for many people. Bloating is absolutely normal till your stomach doesn’t feel constantly swollen. The following can be the reasons for constant bloating

You start your day without breakfast

Sounds familiar? If you start your day without eating anything except for having a cup of tea or coffee, then your habit may lead you to experience a bloated stomach. When you do not eat anything for a long time, your body starts producing gas, which leads to a bloated stomach.

You have a sitting job

If your daily routine involves a lot of sitting and getting up only to respond to nature’s call, then you are likely to get bloated. The habit of staying seated the entire day creates difficulty in digesting food, which can lead to feeling bloated. In such a case, getting up and taking short walks every hour can be extremely beneficial.

You eat a lot of FODMAP

FODMAP are foods like beans, onion, garlic, apples, and peaches that some people have difficulty digesting. These foods have fatty carbohydrate sugars and are difficult to absorb in the gut. Therefore bacteria create gases such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and methane. This ultimately causes the stomach to bloat. It does not mean that a person should stop taking these foods. Rather, a person should manage the quantity of intake so that it does not create problems for the stomach.

You ignore fiber

Fiber plays a crucial role in stopping stomach bloating. But many people forget to take fiber as a regular part of their meals. Bloating that is associated with constipation can become better with proper intake of fiber. Whole foods such as spinach and other green leafy vegetables are the best source of fiber.

After following all the measures, if you are still having trouble with bloated stomach specifically in the morning, then contact Gastroenterology Diagnostic Center, and our specialist will help you in relieving the problem. You can also call on 281-357-1977 to book an appointment with us.

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