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Are you gassy in the morning?

While flatulence is not uncommon, you may be wondering why you are so gassy in the morning. Excessive farts could be an indication that there’s something wrong with your gut health. Gassy foods, aerophagia, dehydration, periods, gut infection, medicines, and other factors could be responsible for your condition. Learn all about it in this blog!

Why Am I So Gassy in the Morning?

Here are some reasons you might be gassy in the morning:

  1. You Had Gassy Foods the Night Before
    There are some foods that can make you gassy, and the big bowl of salad you had could be a culprit, too! Beans, legumes, cabbage, and cauliflower contain high levels of fiber and FODMAPs. Your gut microbes ferment these in order to produce CO2, methane, and other gasses. These gasses might give you digestive discomfort and even make you fart more than usual. Moreover, too much spiciness can also trigger gut mobility and cause more gas.
  2. You May Have Aerophagia
    When an individual unconsciously swallows excessive air, it enters the GI system and results in farting, bloating, and other symptoms. Known as aerophagia, it can lead to discomfort. It may not seem like a big deal, but the symptoms say otherwise!
  3. Your Water Intake is Low
    The reason you are so gassy in the morning could be because you are not hydrating yourself enough! Gas and constipation can occur when you have insufficient water, which dries the stool and delays the gut transit time. While this happens, the foods become fermented, with methane, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide building up in the gut. Consequently, you may notice bloating and gassiness in the morning.
  4. Your Period is Approaching
    When it is the time of the month, you may notice excessive flatulence. This is because hormonal changes can affect your gut and slow down gut motility, resulting in stagnated poop and secretions. You may also have back pain due to gas, with cramps in the stomach as well as the back during menstruation.
  5. You Have a Gut Infection
    Bacteria and parasites can cause gut infection, and frequent flatulence is a symptom of that. One of the reasons this happens is when H. pylori bacteria infects your stomach, and it is usually transmitted as a result of direct contact with saliva, vomit, or feces. If this is the cause, you will also have nausea, decreased appetite, abdominal pain, burning in the abdomen, and more. Visit a GI specialist to treat the issue!
  6. You Have an Underlying Health Condition
    Being so gassy in the morning might come from an underlying condition that requires medical attention right away. A cancerous growth in the gut might block the stool and gas. Plus, when cancer cells die, they might ferment and produce gas that builds up in your gut. Crohn’s disease is another condition that can cause excessive gas and bloating. Visit a GI expert for treatment!


You might be so gassy in the morning due to an underlying condition, low water intake, consumption of gassy foods, and more. Talk to an expert for a diagnosis and treatment. Gastroenterology has the answer to all your tummy troubles! Dial (281) 357 1977 to talk to us and visit us at 421 School St., Suite 110, Tomball, TX 77375.

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