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Is your stomach making loud, gurgling noises? Sometimes, it could indicate that you are hungry. However, if you are experiencing other symptoms other than a rumbling stomach, you might have gastrointestinal issues. So, why does your stomach keep making noises? Let’s find out in this blog.

Reasons Your Stomach is Making Loud Gurgling Noises

If your stomach is making noises, there could be a number of reasons behind it. Known as borborygmi, stomach noises are normal intestinal noises that are audible during the digestive process. When the peristalsis process is ongoing, food and gas are squeezed through the smooth muscles that line your gut, contracting and generating sounds. Other than the normal digestive process, your stomach might be making loud gurgling noises because:

1. Hunger

Your stomach tends to whine when it needs food. Since there is nothing to quiet the noise, you are likely to hear loud rumbling sounds. Moreover, your stomach and small intestines will make more noise when they have been empty for a couple of hours. This is because the force and rate of contractions increase.

2. Gastrointestinal Problem

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and other gastrointestinal disorders are also responsible for a growling stomach. Cramping, bloating, diarrhea, gas, and other symptoms also appear if your stomach is making loud gurgling noises due to gastrointestinal issues.

3. Food Intolerances

Rumbling noises might be because of food intolerance. Many individuals have a reaction to gluten, beans and legumes, dairy products, high-fiber whole grains, and more. As a result, gas gets trapped in the intestine due to incomplete digestion. Hence, your stomach could be making loud gurgling noises due to food intolerances.

4. Breathing Difficulties

When you breathe through your chest, your shoulders rise with each breath. Rising shoulders coupled with the chest expanding promotes shallow breaths. Therefore, less oxygen enters the blood, affecting digestion.

5. Intestinal Blockage

High-pitched and loud sounds from the stomach might be a sign of bowel blockage. This could happen if the food and stool are unable to move freely from the stomach to the rectum. Apart from grumbling noises, you will experience vomiting, the feeling of fullness, abdominal pain, and swelling. Furthermore, you will have trouble with bowel movements as well.

How To Stop Stomach Noises?

You can quiet your stomach rumbling by trying the following tips:

  • Dietary Changes: Refrain from or limit consuming portions of food that lead to stomach noises.
  • Natural Remedies: You can calm the loud gurgling noises your stomach is making by adding ginger chews, peppermint-flavored foods, and cinnamon to your diet.
  • Try Probiotics: Adding OTC probiotics to your diet, such as yogurt, kimchi, buttermilk, etc., can help reduce the sounds. This is because it helps boost the favorable bacteria in your gut.
  • Stress Management: Practicing medications and breathing exercises could be useful in reducing stress before you have to experience more digestive problems.

What Should I Do?

It is not exactly fun when your stomach is making loud gurgling noises. From hunger to IBS, there are a number of factors that could be responsible for the rumbling sounds. Gastroenterology has a team of experts that can offer effective treatments for your noisy stomach. Make a call (281) 357 1977 to schedule an appointment now. You can also visit us at 421 School St, Suite 110, Tomball, TX, 77375, United States.

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