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A need for infusion therapy means medication cannot be taken orally. Drugs are given intravenously through a needle or catheter. There are a variety of reasons for infusion therapy. Cancer and cancer-related pain, dehydration, some stomach diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, and congestive heart failure are just a few of the many instances infusion therapy may be needed.

1.Convenience and Expense

Of course, dealing with a sickness or disease makes traveling less than ideal. Inpatient care is inconvenient and is one of the reasons why an infusion service makes the most sense. While in inpatient care, you can’t resume your normal lifestyle. It may interfere with work. You have enough issues to deal with. Your infusion service shouldn’t be one of the things making life harder.

Inpatient care can get expensive, especially if you are trying to treat a long-term condition. Cost containment is as important as your health. Instead of staying in inpatient care and paying extra, it makes more sense to use an infusion service.

2.Safety and Expertise

In order for your medication to be delivered properly and safely, there are a number of things an infusion service must assess and monitor to ensure your safety.

  • Complete assessment of patient history
  • Drug interaction monitoring
  • Comprehensive care planning, including patient education and equipment-related safety and reliability
  • Ongoing reassessment
  • Ongoing efforts to improve performance through clinical data and evaluations

3.Immediate Care

Infusion therapy has many components that must be in play to make for a successful infusion. Infusion service providers are trained and can recognize if something is not going as planned. If the catheter isn’t flushed or if there are signs of redness, pain or burning, swelling, hardening of the vein or fever, you have medical professionals to help. An infusion service always has sterile supplies, so you won’t have any issues with a cracked IV bag or broken seals. You are also with a team who knows how to care for you in case something unplanned happens. Things like cleaning up a spill, disposing of supplies and pain management can be best controlled by an infusion service.

Choose Peace of Mind

Having a condition that requires an infusion service can be stressful if you don’t choose the right provider. The professionals at the Gastroenterology Diagnostic Center have years of experience in infusion service and can help make management of your health easier and more convenient for you. Come to visit us on School Street in Tomball, Texas, or give us a call at 281-357-1977.

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